The Instructor

Deb au Nare

Deb au Nare

Headmistress & Founder

I love teaching the Burlesque 101 course and being able to see the transformation in students. On the first day of class everyone is usually a little nervous and unsure, then after the 6 weeks when they are on stage, you can just see that star come out of them! It's a really great experience to witness!

I found burlesque at a dark time in my life and it helped me get through a lot of depression and self image issues. This is why I feel so strongly about sharing this artform with others and helping others to find that beauty and fun within. This is also why I started the Burlesque 101 Scholarship Program. I believe that with the right mindset going in, you will feel that amazing transformation happen. It may not be immediate, it took me several years, but I think it is a feeling worth the wait and work that goes into it.

With over 12 years of experience, I have been on both performing and producing ends of the Burlesque scene. I have been featured on America's Got Talent, have headlined shows in New York as well as internationally in Toronto and have won awards for my signature chair routine. I taught my own series of classes in Jacksonville, FL, and have also taken classes from such renowned performers as Jo Weldon, Dirty Martini and Perle Noire.

The Academy

Deb au Nare's Burlesque Academy of Asheville was founded in January of 2015.
All classes are currently held in the dance studio at Colourfield in downtown Asheville, NC at 54 Ravenscroft Drive.
We have been featured in multiple local news articles as well as a mention in the national magazine, Bustle.

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