Feeling drawn to the stage?

It is no easy feat to let go of judgment and insecurity about your body, but over time, my burlesque classes have helped students do just that while taking control of their own sexuality.

I want to help you explore elements of dance, performance art, costuming and acting in a fun, social, encouraging environment.

Students always leave my classes with good friends and a sense of community. As I always say, "friends that strip together, stay together!"

You belong in Burlesque 101!

I'm Deb au Nare, the headmistress and founder of the Burlesque Academy of Asheville. I want to help you find your inner burlesque star and set you on the path towards self-love and self-expression.

"This is an amazing experience that unleashes the sexuality and sensuality of the human form in a safe manner which is both exciting and fun. Even if it isn't what you want out of life (to be a professional burlesque dancer) each day you will leave with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step."
-Sarrah Z., Burlesque 101 student

"Deb is phenomenal and such an inspiration. She has boosted my self confidence and makes me feel comfortable. I've had so much fun and I've learned a lot from her just within the past few weeks."
-Hannah C., Burlesque 101 student

Are you ready to plunge head first into this fun and glittery world with me?

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