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WLOS News Feature

by Deb au Nare

Posted on February 15, 2018

Last Friday, the Burlesque Academy was featured on WLOS News! It was certainly an experience as I always feel very awkward and nervous during interviews. They interviewed me during our weekly Thursday Act Workshopping class and then again on the following Monday at Risque Monday! Some of the students (Nixxxy Darling and The Catfish) that were in the Act Workshopping class were also in the Monday night show so they did a great job of showing all three of us in preperation for and during a show. Kristi Harper, who approached me about doing the piece, had a hilarious idea to censor the show by putting glasses of alcohol in front of the performers throughout the night! However, they still had to air it during the 11pm news and even gave a warning before showing the video!

So, if you missed it last week, definitely check it out! There is a short write up, but click on the video to really get the full picture! Check it out here!

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