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Our Year in Review

by Deb au Nare

Posted on December 24, 2015

It's almost 2016 and everyone has been posting ther "Year in Review" on Facebook. We wanted to get in on the action too by posting all of our Burlesque 101 graduates group photos! So check out all of the amazing women who made their burlesque debut this year!

Starting with our very FIRST Burlesque 101 class, these ladies took the course January-February!

Students (L to R): Darlington Blue, Madame Aphrodite O'Hara, Sirene Magnifique, Lil Miss Envy, Michone, Luna La Fleur, Lady Libido, Ms Scato

Our March-April Burlesque 101 graduates!

Students: Portia Dulcet, Claire D'Lune, Dixie Daggers, Lily Heartford, (Deb au Nare), Lola La Tush, Katerina Goody Goody, Charlie Cashmere, Betty Bang Bang

The third group of students from the May-June course!

Students: (Dixie Daggers), Frankin Spankin, (Deb auNare), Isla Conquista, MaDom Hedone, Dolly Dame, Nude Law

The ladies of the July-August Burlesque 101 class!

Students: Sue Meringue, Amanda Tease, Nadiyyah Nightshade, Darling Crys, Obscene Christine, Yvonne Medusa, Luscious Lorraine

The graduating class from September-October!

Students: Ruby Ramone, Mary Merlot, GiGi Twist, Ransom Rose, Venna Mystique

Closing out the 2015 year, we have our November-December graduates!

Students: Lucy Starlight, Sniickersnee, Lumen Blue, Raven Moonbeam, Mystic Noire, (Deb au Nare), Karmella Karezza, Lula La Rue

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